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Why did Gazans vote for Hamas?
Why has Hamas engaged in "terrorist acts"?

The facts are that Gaza and the West Bank were given autonomy several years ago. The West Bank used this freedom to develop its economy and invest in education while Gaza invested all its resources in fighting Israel by way of terrorist attacks, shelling cities, kidnapping and lately firing rockets into Israel.
Fact is that the blockade is imposed by both Egypt and Israel since both countries are not willing to tolerate the terrorist regime of Hamas.

You are not mentioning the root cause of the current issue: in 2006 Gazans voted for the party whose stated goal is extermination of Israel, and they have been paying for this vote ever since.

Asking why Israel is behaving in this way is important - but keep on asking why to get to the root of the problem.

Why is Israel behaving this way? Because it needs to protect itself? Why does it need to protect itself? Because the Palestinians have been launching attacks against them from Gaza. Why have the Palestinians been launching attacks against them from Gaza?....

"Hamas uses its fellow citizens as human shields". This assertion has been repeated ad infinitum by the supporters of Israel. (The same tactic was attributed to Hezbollah, the last time Israel invaded Lebanon).
Question: If Hamas uses civilians as human shields in residential buildings, mosques, schools, hospitals--how come many pictures released by news agencies show women and children brutally massacred ON THE STREETS?
Wouldn't it rather be an excuse to justify this merciless carnage?

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