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Gaza is occupied: "“Occupation” is a legal designation of an international nature. Israel’s occupation of Gaza continues to the present day because (a) Israel continues to exercise “effective control” over this area, (b) the conflict that produced the occupation has not ended, and (c) an occupying state cannot unilaterally (and without international/diplomatic agreement) transform the international status of occupied territory except, perhaps, if that unilateral action terminates all manner of effective control."

Before operation Protective Edge, Gaza was not occupied. The definition of occupation is:

“Territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under the authority of the hostile army. The occupation extends only to the territory where such authority has been established and can be exercised.”

Gaza was surrounded and dominated by Israel, and Israel blockaded Gaza, but it was not Occupied.

Allen can't even get basic facts right.


Why would a democratic country like USA support a country that is brutal with paletinians for so long. Every few years we hear this news where so many paletinians are brutally killed and superpower watchs from distance without taking any action.

Mumtaz lakhani,MD

Not one word about Hamas. The tunnels built leading into Israel and the operational plan to commit a massive terror attack. How surprising. This post is so one sided that it shouldn't be dignified to be posted on this website. The author couldn't care less about Hamas' charter calling extermination. She is basically a political activist for the side she prefers

I just dont see a way out for the Palestinians. The world does not care. Israeli society has become completely brutalized they no longer believe Palestinians to be human. They are way too strong militarily and too brutal to respond to moral suasion of peaceful protests. I think the only sane solution is for the Palestinians to understand that the only for them to survive and hopefully have a life is out of Palestine.

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