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I have read (not yet in this book but I plan to get it) that the rise of radical Islam in Saudi Arabia really got took hold in the early 1970s. At this time, the oil wealth of the few at the top could no longer be hidden from the rest of their population.

My guess is this religious oppression was cooked up by the governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia. I don't much blame or have any issue here with the government of Saudi Arabia because I think that group is full of a bunch of dopes. Still is.

But here's the irony: go back and look at what was happening in the US at the time: civil rights, women's rights, etc. We were - beautifully - unleashing the potential of our people by getting rid of oppressive structures. Resulting in a greater participation of all people in every aspect of life leading to much greater economic benefits and activity..............necessitating the need for more energy.

So did we - through diplomats, the CIA, other tools - perfect and promote Islamic oppression in Saudi Arabia so we could get rid of our own?

This looks like a fascinating and timely book. Whenever questions of the geo-politics of the Middle East arise, Saudia Arabia is "the elephant in the room" ...

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